Water-Based Hair Wax – Water Wax

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Glam Water Wax is the ideal water-based hair wax for uncompromising styling, creating high definition looks and a shiny wet effect.

Choose from four different fragrances.

Size: 100 ml

Choose product: London/Sea breeze
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Say goodbye to unmanageable hair. With Water Wax, you can break with convention and create uncompromising looks. There are four wet-look waxes on offer with four fragrances, created for personalised styling, infusing the hair with a unique scent.

The innovative formula brings texture and definition to the hair with a simple application, never leaving any residue. Ideal for taming annoying tufts, Water Wax can be used every day to create a range of new and eclectic looks.

  • Rapid styling
  • Easy application
  • Does not leave residue
  • Infuses the hair with a bold fragrance