Natural Keratin

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Natural Keratin is the heart of the Keratin smoothing and reconstructing treatment:it restructures the hair fiber and ensures a visible lifting effect .

For it to work perfectly, be sure to use Natural Keratin immediately after the Preparing Shampoo pH 8.5.

Professional use

250 ml

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Keratin is an exclusive smoothing and restorative treatment that offers in-depth action for the hair fibres. Its formula is based on natural keratin—an essential protein for the regeneration of hair cells and the main body tissues—to offer numerous benefits for the hair's well-being.  

It restores strength to stressed and damaged hair and ensures incredible smoothing, leaving the hair manageable and easy to comb.

Natural Keratin

The main material that makes up the structure of the hair, keratin strengthens and keeps the fibres elastic

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans counteract free radicals, which cause ageing in the hair fibres

Free from sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol and formaldehyde

To reduce the risk of allergies and scalp irritation

  • Natural smoothing
  • Restorative power
  • Counteracts frizz