Hair Loss Prevention Kit + Scalp Massager

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The Over Force kit is made up of the 250 ml Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo and the box of 12 Hair Loss Prevention Treatment vials (8 ml)

The K-time Scalp Massager is ideal to complete the treatment programme and enjoy all the benefits that only Matirya Over Force can offer.

The innovative complex of active ingredients strengthens the hair structure.The efficacy of the treatment has been demonstrated by several laboratory tests: the hair's life cycle is extended, with a 54% reduction in hair loss.  

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Thanks to its powerful formula, the Over Force Intensive Hair Loss Prevention Treatment contains the most effective ingredients to treat this common ailment, afflicting 60% of women and almost 80% of men: the composition of the hair loss prevention programme provides a triple strengthening, protective and elasticising action, counteracting hair weakening and helping to anchor it to the scalp. 

The synergy of arginine, ginger essential oil, caffeine, panthenol, vitamin F and Riboflavin stimulates skin microcirculation, ensuring that the hair bulb is properly nourished: the hair's lifecycle is reactivated, allowing for a significant increase in natural regrowth.

Clinical laboratory tests have shown that regular use of Matirya Over Force results in a 54% reduction in hair loss. Its efficacy and tolerability have been clinically tested.

Intensive programme: 4-5 vials per week over 6 weeks.

Maintenance/Prevention: 3-4 vials per week for 4-5 weeks.


Stimulates the hair follicles and counteracts dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible for reducing follicle activity


Stimulates the blood flow to the scalp, nourishing and increasing the density and strength of the hair shaft


A vital hair growth agent that increases blood flow to the germinative papilla cells at the base of the hair bulbs: arginine counteracts hair loss and promotes regrowth


Nourishes the hair right down to the roots, counteracts dehydration and increases the strength of the hair shaft

Vitamin F

Nourishes and protects the integrity of the cell membrane, stimulating regeneration


An essential part of the cell life cycle, promoting healthier and more radiant skin and hair

  • Helps reduce hair loss by 54%
  • Created to counteract seasonal hair loss
  • Clinically tested efficacy and tolerability
  • Enriched with powerful active ingredients to combat hair loss, protect and nourish the hair shaft