Dermo-Calming Synergy of Essential Oils - Levia

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Levia is a new soothing concentrate based on essential oils, set apart by its impressive calming properties. Used as an additive during colouring treatments, Levia offers versatile synergistic action. 

It helps reduce the irritation associated with chemical treatments (dyes and perms), combatting redness, rebalancing the skin and enhancing the colour yield. Formulated for use with K-time hair colours and the Wild Waves waving lotion.

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Ward off the spectrum of skin irritation and redness associated with chemical treatments! Developed for sensitive skin that reacts to perms and colouring treatments, Levia is a comprehensive and beneficial treatment: the powerful calming properties of the soothing K-time concentrate relieve itching, redness and irritation.

The synergy of essential oils transforms the colouring service into a real sensory experience, immersing your clients in a world of well-being. Rich in active ingredients, Levia's revolutionary formula offers dermo-calming and soothing actions.

Mint essential oil tones the hair fibres and stimulates blood flow, purifying even the oiliest hair. Myrtle essential oil combines balsamic and antiseptic actions with astringent properties, perfect for oily skin. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, oregano essential oil provides numerous psychosensory for the whole body, while cypress essential oil tones and balances the skin, bringing an intense fragrance. Finally, witch hazel water tones the hair fibres and stimulates blood flow, activating skin microcirculation.

A powerful stimulant for both hair and mind, created using the finest cosmetic essential oils, Levia guarantees instant visible results.

18-B-Glycyrrhetic Acid

With soothing, anti-redness and anti-inflammatory properties

Peppermint Essential Oil

Tones the hair fibres, stimulates blood flow and purifies oily hair

Myrtle Essential Oil

Balsamic and antibacterial, it has an astringent effect on oily skin

Oregano Essential Oil

Provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions

Cypress Essential Oil

Invigorating and balsamic with a refreshing fragrance


Offers calming and softening properties for the skin

Witch Hazel Water

Stimulates blood flow, activates skin microcirculation, and improves the condition of oily hair

  • Brings a gentle touch to the colouring experience
  • Conditions the hair fibres, toning them and making them more reactive to the colour
  • Restores the skin's hydrolipidic balance
  • Provides an essential source of energy for the skin metabolism
  • Leaves hair radiant, light and hydrated