Manipulator Hair Cream – Harlem

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Harlem Manipulator is a cream formulated to separate and define short to medium hair. Its tough texture and strong hold allow you create a wide variety of looks using a brush or twisted techniques. 

A must-have styling product, it fixes the desired hairstyle in place without affecting the flexibility and natural appearance of the hair.

Size: 100 ml

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The Harlem Manipulator hair cream was specially created by K-time to style short to medium hair. Extremely versatile with a delicate and creamy texture, Manipulator provides strong hold without setting hard.  

Create long-lasting styles that are bursting with movement by distributing a small amount of the product through the hair. Its unique texture brings new form, definition and volume to the hair, complete with an incredible matt finish. Harlem's versatility allows you to shape and control even the most unruly locks without weighing the hair down: its creamy texture is ideal for anyone seeking a lightweight product.

  • Allows for faster styling
  • Ideal for short or medium hair
  • Creamy and delicate consistency
  • Non-sticky, lightweight formula