Fibre Paste – Brera

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The Brera Fibre Paste is perfect for sculpting and defining your hair creations. With a soft and lightweight texture, it brings increased body and structure to the hair.

Hairstylists can let their creativity run wild, from messy looks to whimsical hairstyles. The paste guarantees long-lasting and flexible hold.

Size: 90 ml

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The Brera Fibre Paste is an absolute must-have for created dynamic, flexible and structured looks. It allows you to create unique hairstyles, defining every lock and maintaining elasticity. Offering long-lasting results and a matt finish, the Brera Fibre Paste never overshadows the hair's natural beauty.

Applied to wet or dry hair, just a small amount of the Fibre Paste envelops the hair and increases its body and volume.

  • Perfect for dynamic and structured looks
  • Brings body and volume to the hair
  • Non-sticky, lightweight formula
  • Guarantees long-lasting and flexible hold