Anti-Orange Shampoo – No Orange Color Code

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Color Code No Orange is a special shampoo created to neutralise copper/red tones in dark hair.

Enriched with hazelnut oil and green tea extract, the formula nourishes the hair to ensure soft and radiant results. Ideal for both natural and treated hair.

Size: 1000 ml and 300 ml

Size: 300 ml
Line: Color Code
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Thanks to its colour correcting action, the shampoo eliminates unwanted coppery and red tones. Enriched with hazelnut oil and green tea extract, its lightweight and silky revives the hair, neutralises unwanted tones, and adds multidimensionality to dyed or natural dark hair. The blend of active ingredients nourishes the hair and brings new body and shine.

Hazelnut Oil

Prolongs colouring treatments and offers extraordinary protection

Green Tea Extract

Contains a high level of micronutrients for advanced antioxidant power

  • Targeted technology to reduce copper, red and orange tones
  • The colour is radiant
  • Hair is soft and silky