Anti-Yellowing Shampoo – Silver Color Code

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Color Code Anti-Yellowing Shampoo for white, grey and bleached hair, enriched with sunflower seed extract and vitamin E.

Complete with purple pigments, the formula gently cleanses, neutralises unwanted yellow tones, and revives the hair's natural radiance.

Available in two sizes: 300 ml and 1000 ml

Size: 1000 ml
Line: Color Code
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Specially formulated for white, grey and bleached hair, the Color Code Anti-Yellowing Shampoo effectively neutralises unsightly yellow tones that appear in lightened hair (whether natural or due to a technical service). Thanks to its concentration of purple pigments that help revive the colour, it gently cleanses and brightens the hair, limiting the onset of yellow tones. 

Enriched with sunflower seed extract and vitamin E to nourish, intensely hydrate and bring new shine to the hair fibres.

Instructions for use: apply the product to damp hair and lather, massaging gently. Rinse with plenty of warm water. Repeat if necessary.


Their unique chromatic properties help to revive the hair colour and counteract yellow tones


Rich in important minerals such as magnesium and zinc and B vitamins, it restores and deeply hydrates the hair

Vitamin E

An essential source of hydration and nourishment with unparalleled antioxidant properties: vitamin E counteracts the formation of free radicals, protecting the cellular structure of the hair

  • Neutralises yellow tones
  • Ideal for white, grey or bleached hair
  • Restores radiance
  • Enriched with purple pigments, sunflower seed extract and vitamin E