Shampoo with Natural Keratin – Keratin

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Working in conjunction with the Keratin salon treatment, the shampoo with natural keratin reactivates, revives and prolongs its smoothing, anti-frizz and restorative effects.

Free from sodium chloride, formaldehyde and alcohol, its gentle formula is ideal for frequent washing.

250 ml bottle

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The shampoo is formulated to maintain and enhance the restorative and smoothing-anti-frizz effect of the Keratin hair treatment. This maintenance phase involves the combined use of the Reactivating Shampoo + the Reactivating Mask. Thanks to the use of natural keratin, the main constituent protein of the hair structure, the Keratin shampoo tones frizzy and brittle hair, or hair that has been damaged by aggressive chemical treatments. 

The exclusive formula combines keratin proteins with cocoa bean extract, working to seal the cuticles and provide intense reparative and anti-inflammatory action. Free from sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol and formaldehyde, its gentle formula minimises the risk of allergies and scalp irritation, ideal for frequent use.

Natural Keratin

The main material that makes up the structure of the hair, keratin strengthens and keeps the fibres elastic, thickening the hair and making it easier to comb

Cocoa Bean Extract

Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, cocoa beans counteract free radicals and moisturise and protect the hair, leaving it soft and voluminous.

Free from sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol and formaldehyde

The Keratin formula does not contain sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol or formaldehyde, which reduces the risk of allergies and scalp irritation

  • Ideal for frequent washes
  • Gentle action
  • Counteracts frizz
  • Hydrates the scalp