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Densi On Reactivating Shampoo is specifically created for thinning hair.

The formula is enriched with lemon balm essential oil and green tea extract. It helps to normalise and treat the issue, gently cleansing the hair.

Available in two sizes: 250 ml and 1000 ml

Size: 250 ml
Line: Densi On
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Applied after the Deepure Scalp Sanitising Treatment, Densi On Reactivating Shampoo brings new life and density and promotes hair renewal, counteracting hair loss. It is particularly ideal for fine and weak hair, which is becoming less thick and dense, perhaps even showing the scalp.  

Its normalising and curative actions help to remove the impurities that build up on the hair, protecting its delicate structure and preparing it for the thinning prevention lotion. The latter is best used after applying the Hydralize regenerating fluid to the lengths.

The formula of the Thinning Prevention Shampoo is enriched with several beneficial active ingredients: lemon balm essential oil, which is widely recognised for its antimicrobial, toning and moisturising properties, nourishes and strengthens the hair right from the roots, while green tea extract is able to counteract excessive hair loss and promote regrowth thanks to its stimulating and antioxidant virtues.

Lemon Balm Essential Oil

An active ingredient with antimicrobial, toning and moisturising properties. It normalises oily scalp secretions and helps to tone the hair

Green Tea Extract

It inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which is responsible for speeding up the hair's life cycle and the associated miniaturisation and excessive hair loss

  • Gently cleanses the hair
  • Performs normalising and curative actions
  • Prepares the hair for the intensive thinning prevention treatment
  • Enriched with lemon balm essential oil and green tea extract