Biphase Serum Spray – Backstage Potion

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Backstage Potion is a unique biphase serum spray with rosehip oil and date extract. Guaranteed hydration and manageable hair in a single product.  

Its multi-action power enhances the hair's well-being and beauty, drawing on the ingredients in the formula: rosehip oil moisturises, restores and tames fragile, dry, brittle and split end-prone hair, while date extract protects it from external aggressions and brings new shine.

Size: 200 ml

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A must-have for fragile, dry, brittle and split end-prone hair, the Backstage Potion Biphase Serum Spray is a dual-action treatment created to protect the hair's well-being: thanks to its gentle and paraben-free formula, the spray moisturises the hair and allows for easier styling, offering taming and anti-frizz action. 

Its lightweight texture restores and repairs hair that has been damaged by external factors. The serum's dual action is based on a blend of rosehip oil and date extract, reinforcing the hair, counteracting split ends, maintaining the correct level of hydration, and deeply strengthening the hair fibres.


This oil improves the health and strength of fragile, dry, brittle and split end-prone hair


It nourishes and strengthens the hair fibres, keeping them hydrated, elastic and toned, and protects against external factors


The Backstage Potion serum spray does not contain parabens

  • Hydrates and controls the hair
  • Anti-frizz and restorative action
  • Protects the hair from environmental factors and brings new shine
  • Enriched with rosehip oil and date extract
  • Suitable for fragile, dry, brittle and split end-prone hair