Heat Protection Spray – Secret Therm Spray

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Born from our collaboration with Corioliss, a leader in the creation of professional heat styling technology, Secret Therm is a spray formulated to protect the hair from hair dryers, stylers and curling irons.

The Heat Protection Spray provides extraordinary anti-frizz action, protecting hairstyles from even the most extreme humidity. Multiple benefits in a single application: static prevention, extreme shine, maximum hold, control and strength.

150 ml bottle

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Due to its structural conformation, hair tends to retain the shape in which it is dried. This power allows you to transform unruly curls into sleek straight hair, or, conversely, transform dull, colourless locks into a defined and voluminous mane.

However, heat styling can damage the hair due to the high temperatures reached by the tools that allow you to create these stunning new styles. The Secret Therm Spray was specially created to counteract the stress triggered by heat.  

Thanks to the Secret Heat Protection Spray, designed in collaboration with Corioliss, you can create striking and stylish hairstyles using hair straighteners, hair dryers or curling irons, offsetting the various types of damage caused by excessive use.

Sprayed onto the hair, the Heat Protection Spray helps hairstylists get the most out of heat styling, creating flexible styles with maximum hold. The hair has a radiant and nourished appearance thanks to the special protective film that shields the fibres from high temperatures.

Hyaluronic Acid

One of the main components of human connective tissues, it plays an important role in terms of strength and form. It fills out, rebuilds and hydrates the hair shaft, strengthening the intercellular cement

  • Total heat protection
  • Anti-static action
  • Extreme radiance
  • Frizz control
  • Maximum hold
  • Taming
  • Strengthening