Volumising Treatment – Ad Volume

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The Ad Volume Volumising Treatment is a mask formulated for fine and lifeless hair, set apart by its innovative film-forming texture.

It brings impressive body and radiance without weighing the hair down, offering beautifully smooth and detangled results. Formula enriched with guarana and blue agave.

Available in two sizes: 200 ml and 500 ml

Size: 200 ml
Line: Ad Volume
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The exclusive Somnia Ad Volume Volumising Treatment brings new thickness to fine and lifeless hair: the formula is based on blue agave, which is rich in oligosaccharides, with film-forming and humectant properties to moisturise and strengthen the hair fibres; and guarana, which tones and brings new body to the hair.

Applied after the Ad Volume shampoo for fine hair, the mask/treatment injects the two active ingredients into the hair fibres, instantly increasing the volume of fine and thin hair. The hair fibres are restored for a sleek, full-bodied, voluminous and shiny look.

Blue Agave

Particularly rich in oligosaccharides, this innovative extract helps to moisturise the hair, maintaining the perfect water balance within the hair fibres


Known as an elixir of life thanks to its energising, stimulating and toning properties, guarana has an antioxidant and revitalising effect on the hair

  • Innovative film-forming texture specially created for fine hair
  • Nourishes the hair without weighing it down
  • Brings new body, lightness and shine
  • Detangling and smoothing action