Professional Hair Dryer for Hairdressers – Orpheus 3002


The Orpheus 3002 is an ultra-lightweight (400 grams), powerful and silent professional hair dryer designed for hairdressers. 

Made in Italy quality, technology and elegance all come together to create a very special hair dryer, complete with 2 speeds, 4 temperatures, 2 cold air speeds, and 2 nozzles to direct the air flow.

Its incredibly lightweight and ergonomic design make the Orpheus 3002 both handy and versatile, ideal for creating any type of hairstyle. This hair dryer was designed by K-time to offer hairstylists a professional, comfortable and high-performance tool.

The Orpheus 3002 is a professional hair dryer created to suit a diverse range of styling and drying needs, combining advanced performance with surprising lightness.

Technology, power and elegance in a versatile and efficient hair dryer: designed to guarantee an ergonomic grip, thanks to its low weight and functional design, it puts minimal strain on the hand, wrist and arm during the drying and styling process.

Made in Italy, the K-time hair dryer is complete with non-slip rubber pads on the sides for easy support. It features 2 speeds, 4 temperatures and 2 cold air temperatures to create any type of hairstyle.

Discreet and silent to ensure total comfort, the Orpheus 3002 is also equipped with 2 nozzles—to direct the air flow for precise styling—and a practical removable filter for easier cleaning, ensuring that the hair dryer is always operating at its best.