3 in 1 Men's Shower Gel – One Man Shower Gel

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Total well-being for the hair and scalp in a single product. The One Man Shampoo/Shower Gel boasts an exclusive 3 in 1 formula: with energising, conditioning and toning actions, it is ideal for frequent washing. This treatment gently cleanses, restores and hydrates the hair and skin without triggering any stress. 

Thanks to its triple-action formula, the One Man Shampoo/Shower Gel is the perfect travel companion for men who want to enjoy balanced, toned and healthy hair and skin in a single bottle.

250 ml bottle

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One product, many benefits. One Man Shower Gel is the innovative shower shampoo created for him to offer a deep cleansing of the body and hair, in total respect of the skin balance and natural ph. Ideal for frequent washing, the Shower Gel is created to satisfy 3 natural benefits:thanks to the triple energizing, conditioning and toning action, the scalp and hair are regenerated wash after wash.

Starting from very delicate washing agents, in fact, the product tones the body and hair fiber, pampering them in a regenerating bath. The shower-shampoo formula is enriched with conditioning substances, which make it a relaxing and refreshing product for hair and body, the best refreshment to recover from the stress of everyday life. It has a perfume with irresistible notes.


They offer anti-ageing action and protection from external factors


Restores the hair's natural moisture, leaving it soft, elastic and full of life


An impressive source of energy that increases the strength of the hair, fortifying it from root to tip


Hydrates the scalp; ideal for stressed hair


Relieves itching and dryness and help to condition the scalp, providing refreshing and soothing actions

  • Triple action 
  • Ideal for frequent washes
  • Restores the hair and scalp
  • Intense fragrance