Preparatory Shampoo pH 8.5 – Keratin

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The first step towards rejuvenated hair: the Preparatory Shampoo cleanses and prepares the hair for the Natural Keratin.

Thanks to its alkaline pH of 8.5, it helps to open the hair cuticles. To get the most out of the treatment, be sure to use the Preparatory Shampoo pH 8.5 before the Natural Keratin.

Professional use

500 ml bottle

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With a pH of 8.5, the shampoo is a targeted cleanser to prepare the hair for the Keratin treatment. It performs a double action: its high level of alkalinity helps to open the hair cuticles, removing any impurities, and it also nourishes the hair to eliminate dead cells.  

Easy to apply, the Keratin Preparatory Shampoo does not contain sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol or formaldehyde. It counteracts the formation of free radicals and brings new life to the hair, protecting it from external factors

Free from sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol and formaldehyde

The Keratin formula does not contain sodium chloride, sulphates, alcohol or formaldehyde, which reduces the risk of allergies and scalp irritation

  • Preparatory function
  • Reparative and anti-inflammatory
  • Counteracts frizz
  • Alkaline pH