Volumising Shampoo – Ad Volume

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The Ad Volume Volumising Shampoo is specially formulated for fine and lifeless hair.

Enriched with guarana and blue agave, it gently cleanses the hair, keeping it light and perfectly hydrated. The hair fibres are elastic and full-bodied.

Available in two sizes: 300 ml and 1000 ml

Size: 300 ml
Line: Ad Volume
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Bring new movement, lightness and texture to the hair: thanks to its innovative formula, the Somnia Ad Volume Volumising Shampoo gently cleanses without damaging the hair's delicate structure, effectively eliminating impurities and boosting fine and lifeless hair.

Used in combination with the mask for fine hair, it provides essential nourishment to strengthen weak and fragile hair. The synergy of guarana and blue agave—active ingredients with impressive moisturising and toning properties—increases the volume of the hair fibres, restoring tone, body and lightness.

Blue Agave

Particularly rich in oligosaccharides, this innovative extract helps to moisturise the hair, maintaining the perfect water balance within the hair fibres


Known as an elixir of life thanks to its energising, stimulating and toning properties, guarana has an antioxidant and revitalising effect on the hair

  • Gently cleanses
  • Restores lightness and optimal hydration levels
  • Brings new elasticity and body to the hair fibres
  • Leaves hair shiny and easy to comb