Moisturising Treatment – Essentialis

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Formulated to suit every hair type, the Essentialis Treatment is a moisturising mask enriched with poppy and silk proteins.

Thanks to its delicate film-forming formula, it protects the hair fibres from external factors and allows for rapid and effective detangling. It also ensures incredible softness and shine.

Available in two sizes: 200 ml and 500 ml

Size: 200 ml
Line: Essentialis
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Delicate formula + innovative texture: the silk proteins and poppy contained in the formula of the Somnia Essentialis moisturising treatment penetrate the hair fibres, helping to close of the cuticles and improve resistance to external factors.

The hair is conditioned and incredibly soft and radiant. Distributed along the lengths, its soft texture forms a film to ensure intense and constant hydration for all hair types.

Silk Proteins

Similar to the keratin structure of the hair, these proteins form a protective film with conditioning and softening properties, leaving hair shiny, silky and easy to detangle


This plant extract has powerful antioxidant properties that shield the hair, protecting it from photo-oxidation and damage to the fibres

  • Hydrates and protects hair fibres against environmental factors
  • Innovative film-forming texture
  • Allows for fast and effective detangling
  • Ensures impressive softness and shine