Scalp Sanitising Treatment – Deepure | Pre-treatment

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Deepure is a sanitising lotion formulated with tea tree oil, propolis extract and star anise, working to remove impurities from the scalp and promote oxygenation.

Size: 200 ml 

Use in conjunction with the Matirya treatments:

  • Hair loss prevention – Over Force
  • Thinning prevention – Densi On
  • Sebo-Balancing – Sebolution
  • Anti-dandruff – Downdruff
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A targeted treatment to prepare the skin is an essential step in the rehabilitation process: in order to resolve any skin issues, the skin cells must be able to breathe. Before proceeding to the targeted Matirya treatments, a deep and comprehensive pre-shampoo detox must therefore be carried out. that's where Deepure comes in.

Thanks to the antibacterial, antiseptic and normalising properties of tea tree oil and propolis extract, combined with the antioxidant, toning and stimulating properties of star anise, this exclusive scalp sanitising lotion nourishes the hair follicles and promotes blood flow to the scalp, preparing it to receive the active ingredients contained in the targeted treatment.

Deepure oxygenates the scalp and promotes the elimination of sebaceous filaments and impure substances that can hinder the flow of active ingredients. It works by bringing toxins to the surface, above the hydrolipidic layer. They are then washed away during the cleansing phase.

Tea Tree Oil

Boasting a range of beneficial, disinfecting, antibacterial, healing and antimicrobial properties

Propolis Extract

Thanks to its non-aggressive cleansing action, propolis extract eliminates oil, germs, flakes, dust and smoke, revitalising the hair bulb

Star Anise

With powerful antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and cleansing properties, it naturally stimulates healthy hair growth, prevents baldness and brings new life

  • Removes impurities from the scalp
  • Promotes oxygenation
  • Prepares the skin for the targeted Matirya treatments
  • Lotion enriched with tea tree oil, propolis extract and star anise